Historically, cobrowsing was restricted web pages in which the cobrowse code had been embedded. While traditional cobrowsing was a great tool to help agents and customers complete specific activities located within those web pages, modern customer interaction requires a fuller suite of opportunity to interact.

As a result, the Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform allows you to meet your customers where they are. Our suite of tools transforms the remote customer experience and creates interaction across any number of devices.

Regardless of the type of device, the guest/agent interface does not change. Whether it’s on the web, inside a native mobile app, or even used on an IoT device, the agent experience is always the same. This seamless transition shortens the learning curve for your team, improves efficiency, and reduces staff turnover.

As with traditional cobrowsing technologies, Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform allows agents to view and interact with web pages that have been embedded with this software alongside the customer.

Our solution functions inside virtual desktops and VDI environments, operating inside the browser. We do not employ any type of preinstalled software. Our tools are compatible with all of the modern browsers including, the self-updating versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer 11+.

The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement platform also supports the ability to interact with your customers on sites where we are not even installed via our Reflection technology. Through Reflection you are able to collaborate nearly anywhere on the web with your customers. 

Cobrowsing is no longer limited to the Internet. As part of the Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform, our clients have the opportunity to interact alongside their customers across their entire desktop. Upon downloading a simple and quick-to-install piece of software, a customer can share his or her entire desktop. The agent is afforded the opportunity to view and guide a customer, making annotations and providing steps along the way just as they would when cobrowsing on a web page.

If required, you will also be able to escalate into a full remote-control scenario, where you will be able to drive the device on behalf of your customer. Using our Record product, you would also be able to fully recreate any session, including a takeover session, for compliance or training purposes.

When a potential or current customer needs assistance, it is becoming less and less likely that they will be engaging with your content or forms on a traditional desktop computer.

The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform allows agents to cobrowse and to engage with customers on mobile devices. The necessary code is embedded in your mobile application. From the app, an agent and a customer can then launch a session.

Furthermore, with mobile cobrowsing, a customer can turn on their camera for the agent to see what the camera sees. This feature can be helpful in many scenarios including troubleshooting hardware issues or when utilized by dispatched technicians.

As technology continues to evolve, more and more things are becoming connected to the Internet. From your television to your car to your refrigerator, the number of everyday objects that will soon contain screens and an Internet connection seems almost limitless.

As with other devices, these things will need support, and customers will have questions about functionality. The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform works with these Internet of Things devices allowing agents see the customer’s screens on these devices and guide them through any number of complex actions.