Customer Experience

From acquiring new to maintaining existing customers, the time your agents spend with your customers can dramatically impact their behavior, your brand identity, and ultimately your business’s bottom line. Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform was designed with your end customer in mind. From usability to privacy, we have taken into account the needs of your customers.

Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform is designed for ease of customer use and minimal impact on your end customer. No downloads are required for either web or mobile use. Sessions can be launched from a single icon, an embedded link, an SMS text, or an email.

Sharing can be done in either direction. An agent can host a session from his device, sharing quickly and easily with a potential customer. Likewise, a customer can share his or her device just as easily with the agent.

All Recursive services are non-interrupting and once a session is finished, the original Host of that session can continue unimpeded just as they would during any other web or mobile session.

Privacy is always a concern for consumers. As such, Recursive Labs provides a couple of key ways to alleviate any consumer concerns about privacy during a session.

Inside a Realtime sharing session, the host of the session always owns 100% of the clicks. Guests of the session can freely annotate, insert shapes and guide via a remote cursor. In all cases, however, the integrity of the core transaction and appropriate chain of custody is always maintained.

Your customer has the ability to see what he or she is sharing. Simply clicking on the designated icon during a sharing session will open a new window that allows your customer to see exactly what the agent/guest is seeing, including all of the fully redacted elements.

In the cases where that is not enough, Realtime also provides the ability to pause that sharing session at any point. This pause will turn the screen to complete black for the agent/guest. Once the customer is ready to share again, simply clicking the pause button again resumes the share.

As a Recursive Labs client, you have the ability to “redact” any element on any page of a website such that it is never shared. Any redacted elements are removed from the share prior to the data leaving the consumer’s device. Therefore, any personal information that is chosen to be redacted never enters the infrastructure. For more information on our redaction methods, visit our Security page.