What We Do


Enterprise Grade Customer Collaboration 

In today’s omnichannel contact centers, agents are faced with increased pressure to quickly, efficiently, and correctly handle customer inquiries from a variety of channels. When faced with a complex sales or support incident, agents need a tool that helps them “see” what the customer sees to allow them to more effectively communicate without compromising security.

Realtime engagement and cobrowse tools allow agents to see, share, and show with their customers. By guiding customers through a series of complex actions while browsing alongside them making notes, agents are better able to communicate without compromising security.

Realtime is the first cobrowse and advanced customer collaboration solution built for your enterprise organization. Realtime includes:

  • Patented, cross-platform cobrowsing solution,
  • The industries most secure engagement platform,
  • Engagement capabilities on any website, desktop, mobile, and IoT device,
  • Object-level security & redaction,
  • Integrated document sharing & annotation,
  • Compliance session recording,
  • Open API and established integrations with leading CRM and support platforms,
  • Free, no-download, in browser voice and video chat capabilities,


Enterprise Grade Session Archiving 

For many industries, it is necessary to have a secure record of your customer interactions for compliance and audits. As new forms of visual engagement become commonplace in the market, it is also vital that these live, sessions are stored, archived, and retrieved for training and agent analysis.

Record is a comprehensive solution that saves all session visual data along with agent, URL, mouse position and annotation meta-data to a secure location. Furthermore, Record will generate an MP4 video file that maintains protection rules for sensitive data on demand.

The combination of both a standard video file and the meta-data used to generate it enables extensive indexing and searching, whether the situation calls for the need to review one or more sessions that meet a specific set of criteria.

Record includes:

  • Realtime session recording, including all annotation and document shares,
  • The industries most secure, cross-platform solution,
  • Opportunities to improve agent training and performance,
  • Required documentation for the most security-conscious and regulated industries,
  • Object-level security & redaction,
  • Open API & integration with your existing business tools,


Enterprise Grade Interactive Videos

Customer self-service is a growing trend in the market. However, businesses continue to struggle to move beyond FAQs and leverage their agents’ knowledge and experience to create more interactive and engaging content.

With Replay interactive application video, anyone in the enterprise can create and share high resolution, interactive, and mobile-friendly video with a simple “click & surf” recording method. Our standard videos can be easily shared with customers through chat, email, and text or passed via our chatbot integration, Reply.

Replay includes:

  • User-friendly, “click & surf” video production,
  • Web-based sharing capabilities,
  • Native mobile SDK allowing native apps to generate interaction videos,
  • No-download voice capability,
  • Highest level of security, including object-level redaction,
  • Annotation and document view features,
  • Knowledge base, CRM, and other business tool integrations,
  • URL logging, allowing customers to click to the page in video,
  • High-quality video with small file sizes,


Enterprise Grade Chatbot Content

Thanks to mainstream technologies like IBM’s Watson & Amazon’s Alexa, businesses & consumers have been exposed to the power of Artificial Intelligence and interactive chatbots. These conversational bots have paved the way for businesses to explore the use of more approachable chat bots in text-based interactions with customers.

However, by relying primarily on text, traditional chatbots may misinterpret the customer or the responses might lack clarity. Reply, provides the opportunity to create interactive videos, using Replay, and integrates with your knowledge base. Once you have a more engaging knowledge base, you can structure your chatbot to respond with instructional and informative videos to improve the customer experience and resolution rates.

Reply helps you improve the customer experience and resolution rates reducing the need for human intervention.

Reply includes:

  • Replay video production capabilities,
  • Chatbot integrations,
  • Web and mobile-friendly, interactive chatbot content,
  • Knowledge base, CRM, and other business tool integrations,
  • Self-service customer support mechanisms,
  • Elegant escalation from chatbot to agent,