visual engagement platform

Knowledge management and intelligent knowledge base systems are the most used tools in customer self-service environments. But to have a knowledge management system that delivers day-in and day-out; you need to have a large library of effective content. And that means content generation and content delivery.

Replay interactive application video solves both of these challenges with a single, elegant solution. To create content, anyone can start creating a Replay with the click of a mouse; from there the user just talks and surfs – just as they would to someone sitting next to them. There is no longer a need for a suite of specialized tools. After the user is finished, they can review the video and send it to a customer for immediate support or submit it as a draft straight into the company knowledge management system.

Replay, for native mobile, allows agents and knowledge teams both to go beyond the web to create instructional videos for native mobile apps and with integrated Universal linking viewers can click and “surf” to the actual application screen to get the assistance they need and the guidance they deserve.

With native integrations to, Zendesk, Dynamics 365 (and many more) knowledge management systems; Replay interactive application videos empower front-line employees with a one-click solution to share their practical knowledge and make dedicated knowledge management teams more effective by allowing them to focus on the most challenging and complicated problems facing their users.

Front-line Employee Benefits

  • Click, talk & surf simplicity
  • Create a library for frequent use cases
  • Immediately capture edge-case content to share internally
  • Zero-type knowledge sharing and indexing

Knowledge Management Team Benefits

  • Automatic interactivity added to every video article
  • Open Graph & Twitter Card tags for social support
  • Great for internal training
  • Advanced analytics on usage for content tracking and refinement