visual engagement platform

From appliances to automobiles to advanced sensors, Internet connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) touches all of us. In fact:

Gartner predicts there will be 20 Billion IoT connected devices by 2020 with 65% of them being Consumer Devices

So, that means some 13 Billion IoT devices in the field, interacting with consumers by 2020. Some of these devices will have their own user interface, others will use the web and still others a native mobile app on the phone. No matter how you look at it, these devices pose a huge support challenge, especially when you factor in the cost, time and customer impact potential problems can incur. Using the broad capabilities of the Recursive Labs platform to reach these devices can help you to eliminate field service calls, reduce customer downtime and minimize consumer frustrations.

Engineered to be fully extensible allowing you to reach and share any interface on any IoT device, we can help you meet these challenges head on. Whether you looking to the future or dealing with the connected versions of these devices that are already appearing in consumer households today in the form of tv set-top boxes, home wireless access points, home security systems, or complete home automation systems, support for all of these devices can be radically simplified by using our patented technology.

With the Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform consumers can get the support they need regardless of how they interact with these devices. Our Enterprise Class platform has a flexible rendering subsystem that supports cobrowsing from web applications, native mobile applications, desktop applications as well as enabling you to reach any IoT platform with our custom extender architecture. Both Realtime cobrowse and Replay interactive application video can be used to create a complete support experience for consumers while collecting valuable data on application usage and assistance incidents. All of which can be done directly from within your industry leading CRM solution independent of the device type and interface. To take this even further, with Record, any visual engagement session can be retrieved for compliance review, agent training and product development insight.

Business Benefits

  • Unified Platform
  • Minimize Field Service Costs
  • Increased First Call Resolution
  • Complete CRM Integration
  • Session Recording for Training & Compliance

Customer Benefits

  • Faster Issue Resolution
  • Avoid Waiting for a Technician
  • No Software Downloads
  • Compatible Across All Devices
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty