visual engagement platform

Connected televisions, intelligent thermostats, Internet-connected appliances and smart homes in general can make our lives easier; but when something goes wrong, most of us are not qualified to troubleshoot even the simplest issue resulting in the rising cost of Field Service for companies everywhere. And with the massive increase in Internet-connected (IoT) devices expected over the next few years, the need for more effective remote triage and support will become more vital.

The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform was built to support all kinds of devices, web-based, iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows or even Linux-based. Because of this, customer, agents and technicians can use a single platform to diagnose, triage and solve issues – sometimes eliminating the need to send a service truck at all, saving hundreds of dollars per incident. And support is not restricted to the configuration of the device, with our Realtime integrated camera share feature, customers (and on-site technicians) can share details of the physical environment – like wiring details or switch settings – to provide a complete picture of the situation and get the right instructions to either solve the issue or ensure the appropriate technician is dispatched with most of the troubleshooting completed before they arrive.

With Replay interactive application videos, customers can get on-demand interactive instructions for device set-up, troubleshooting or system reset without having to call an agent or request an  on-site technician. When those onsite technicians do need to go on-site, they can access a library of both common and uncommon issues / solutions to make them more effective and deflect supervisor or other escalation calls.


  • Cable & Telecom
  • Warranty Service
  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Smart Home & Home Security
  • IoT

Use Cases

  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Remote Triage
  • Remote Support
  • Remote Device Inspection
  • On-site Support Escalation