visual engagement platform

55% of US Consumers say their customer service interactions now begin online, and half will use an online self-service portal!

Go beyond simple FAQs and text-only knowledge articles with the Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform. By deploying our revolutionary Replay interactive application videos as a part of your complete customer self-service model; customers get the benefit of finding the support videos they need (through advanced full text search integrations), watching them on any device with very little data impact (Replay videos are normally 1/30th the size of standard screen recordings), and then interactively engaging with the videos to take them exactly to the web page or mobile app screen needed to make the change or solve the issue they were experiencing. These video’s not only give a “personal” touch to self-service through voice led instructions; but increase customer retention rates by 4x over reading articles alone by engaging customers to click and solve their issues on their own.

Be prepared for next generation of self-service with AI Bot-based autonomous support. These intelligent bots can go beyond mere text (or voice) response and include Replay interactive application video content to deliver more comprehensive instructions as well as basic Realtime cobrowse sessions before the interaction ever needs to be escalated to a live agent. In this next generation self-service model, the gap between self-directed and assisted support is filled with rich interactive content and AI Bot-based cobrowse interactions.

Our patent pending Replay technology makes video not only effective but also practical. Out unique solution creates fully interactive videos without any need for post production editing. Our innovative no-download approach “democratizes” video creation, by making it so incredibly simple, eliminating the need for specialists and specialized tools. Its the easiest way there is to create a video.

We work with the leading support platforms with native integrations to, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (and many more).

Self-Service Uses

  • FAQ replacement
  • Knowledge article enhancement
  • Full-text search expansion with video
  • Community solution collection & curation

AI Bot Uses

  • Enhanced video text / chat bots
  • Enhanced video voice bots
  • Intelligent video suggestions
  • AI Bot driven cobrowse