visual engagement platform

Today, contact centers have evolved to the first point of contact for business and customers alike. They are expected to generate leadsdrive remote salesanswer billing inquiriesdispatch field service, and provide multiple levels of remote support (both internally and externally). And they need to do this across more communications channels than ever before: voice, email, text, chat, social, video – just to name a few; this has truly become omnichannel communications.

To provide the best (and most efficient) support across these business goals and channels, it is more important than ever that the remote agent can visually engage their customers so they can better understand their questions, concerns, and challenges and then provide them with the right assistance at the right time.

Contact centers provide two different types of support:

  1. Realtime support: when an agent is on “live,” (usually via voice, video or chat) and is providing sales or support assistance to be resolved immediately.
  2. Time-shifted support: when an agent receives an asynchronous request (usually via email, text, or social) and is providing assistance that can stand on its own or escalated to a Realtime channel to establish a dialog with the goal of resolving the issue.

The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform was designed from the start to provide contact center agents with the secure tools to “see” what the customer is experiencing regardless of the device (web, mobile, desktop, etc) and “show” them what to do next without ever taking control our of their hands. Agents can also “escalate” their visual engagement session with integrated video and voice chat for a complete experience.

Realtime: our patented Enterprise Class visual engagement platform give agents what they need to securely “see” what a customer is experiencing, diagnose their issue and then assist them with mouse gestures, visual annotations, document viewing, even video / voice chat. All across a wide range of devices. Contact centers can use Realtime cobrowse for Assisted SellingBilling SupportTechnical Support, and Field Service Triage.

Replay: our one-click interactive application video platform extends the benefits of Realtime to create interactive video “how-to’s” that “show” a customer how to solve an issue on their own or even to explain a complex concept before they ever get engages with an agent in a realtime fashion. Replay fills the whitespace between time-shifted and realtime support by providing an easy and efficient way for both a customer to “show” the agent what is happening to them and for the agent to “show” the customer how they resolve their issue. From centralized Knowledge bases to ad-hoc one-time answers, Agents can improve the support experience for customers contacting them via email, text, chat and even social channels by going beyond text-only responses and giving this asynchronous channel a “voice.” And for contact centers introducing BotsReplay empowers them to be even more helpful and solve more issues before a case has to be escalated to a live agent.

Reflection: our solution to adding visual engagement capabilities to sites you do not control allows agents to support customers with government sites & forms or price comparisons.

Record: our compliance and training solution, ensures that Realtime sessions can be retrieved as standard mp4 movie files for agent training or for compliance review.

And with native integrations to, Zendesk, Dynamics 365 (and many more) work in the tools you use everyday while accessing the complete visual engagement platform.


  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Automotive

Use Cases

  • Assisted Selling
  • Enrollment Assistance
  • Customer Support
  • Field Service Triage
  • Field Technician Support
  • Customer Self-Service