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The Age of Bots

Thanks to mainstream technologies like IBM’s Watson & Amazon’s Alexa, businesses & consumers everywhere have been exposed to the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and interactive Bots. These conversational bots have paved the way for businesses to explore the use of more approachable chat bots in text-based interactions with customers. These interactions have started to evolve into more complete problem solving and instruction delivery.

“Password Reset” Bot

Perhaps one of the most common questions users have is “How do I rest my password?” or its cousin “How do I recover my username?” This repetitive (and repeatable) task is a top candidate for any business to implement a bot. And while this makes perfect sense from a process standpoint; one might ask, is a pure text response-based bot the most effectively way to overcome user confusion or frustration? This is the perfect opportunity to deploy enhanced content for your bot. With Replay interactive application video – your chat bot can now respond to the “How do I reset my password?” inquiry with a simple “This video will walk you through the process of resetting your password: link here – if you still have questions afterwards, please just let me know…” – all of a sudden, your chat bot provides an empathetic and effective response to the user empowering them to learn at their own pace while watching & listening to a Replay video. The more complex the situation, the longer the interaction becomes and the more possible outcomes there are. While still tremendous tools, there comes a point where the bot may not yet be as effective as the human driving the conversation. Our innate ability to view effective content, especially video content and rapidly distill it down to meet our own needs is still unparalleled. It’s to this end that Replay interactive application videos become a simple and elegant compliment to the wonderful capabilities that bots are bringing us.

If the user still has issues after watching it, they simply respond as such and the chat session can be seamlessly escalated to an “expert” where a live agent takes over the text chat – or escalate to a video / voice chat – with a complete session history so the user always feels a consistent level of support. Additionally, the interactive nature of a Replay, allows the user to simply click on the “Go There” button at any time during the video and be taken to the exact page on the web or within the native mobile app they are seeing in the video, thereby allowing them to complete their desired task quickly and efficiently.

By leveraging the power of AI Bots to interpret the user challenge and find an appropriate Replay solution (many times via an internal Knowledge Management System) companies can deliver a more immediate and comprehensive level of support while maintaining the ability to escalate to live agents when more assistance is needed.

Benefits to End-Users

  • More personal interactions
  • Rich interactive video “walk-throughs”
  • Robust bot-based assistance
  • Seamless “expert escalation”

Benefits to Companies

  • “Next Level” bot experience
  • Broader Bot deployment
  • Accelerate the “time to solution” with Knowledge Base integrations
  • More rapit Bot deployment