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The smart, simple and secure Recursive Collaboration Platform is built around a one-click, no-download and secure process. It gives companies the ability to easily and safely share online shopping or browsing sessions – Realtime (co-browsing) – with customers who can then bring in others; such as friends, family members or advisors they trust.

It also gives all users the flexibility to share instantly or, if it makes more sense, to record their activity and share it later – Replay – with however many people they choose, whenever it’s convenient for them.



From Customer Care to Assisted Selling to Social Recommendations, the Recursive Collaboration Platform is so flexible it can be configured to meet your different use cases.

  • Customer Care Reduce call handle times and increase customer satisfaction by giving your support agents the ability to "see" what your customers are seeing.
  • Assisted Selling Sometimes, online shopping just isn’t enough. Leverage your most valuable asset - your people - and drive omni channel sales that delight your customers.
  • Social Recommendations Consumers trust online strangers more than companies. Help social media users evolve from flat "Pins" to dynamic "Video Posts".
  • Peer-to-Peer Assistance The #1 trusted source of information (for purchases of any type) is friends and family. Empower your customers to get that assurance on their own terms.
  • Knowledge Base Content Bring your help system into the 21st century. Replace checklists and how-to documents with interactive "Video Lessons".
  • Application Troubleshooting Has a customer ever reported a bug you couldn’t reproduce? Now you can have them "Record" the issue and send it to you & your dev team to be solved.


From Health Insurance to Hotels to 4K TV’s - there will always be times when consumers will need that extra assistance; sometimes from your people and sometimes from theirs. Make sure you have the ability to help them when they ask.

  • Insurance Be that friendly expert and guide your customers through the confusing and frightening process of buying insurance and earn their trust for a lifetime.
  • Travel & Hospitality Travel is a "social experience". Help the planning process become more social as well and avoid the price pressures of online selling.
  • Financial Services Use visuals, voice and mouse gestures to conduct online sales / review meetings that drive client engagement that fits into today’s distracted lifestyle.
  • e-Commerce Bring context and clarity to omni channel communications. Turn the "Zero Moment of Truth" into the "First Moment of Loyalty."
  • Fashion Bring the benefits of group "Window Shopping", to the small screen, and increase your opportunity to close by empowering peer review while shopping online.
  • Real Estate Agent, Advisor, Life Partner; all play important roles when buying a new home. Combine that support with Internet-powered information and the results can be astounding.

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