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We understand that privacy on the web is a major concern. Our Collaborative Customer Interface Platform makes sure that, in addition to a simple collaboration experience, your security and privacy are maintained at the highest levels. The security features we have integrated from the start are top notch, making the experience stress-free for everyone involved. 

Simple and Secure

Our patented technology is designed to protect everybody involved in a collaboration session. Guests never connect to a Host directly, but rather through our secure servers in the cloud.

  • No Downloads or Java Apps A true no-download is just that – no software is downloaded and stored to your computer, nor does it run outside of the browser "sandbox."
  • Rapid Installation Process One line of JavaScript™ Code to Install – that’s it! No major website alterations are needed to install one or all of our platform products on your website.

Share Only What You Want

Users have the option to instantly conceal private data, making sure that other browsers don't have access to information you don’t want to share.

  • No URL or DOM Sharing Our TrueView™ rendering engine actually "renders" web page code into an image and securely narrow-casts it to all guests. This prevents any user from accidentally or deliberately injecting malicious code into the webpage DOM being shared.
  • Only Share What You Intended Our TrueView™ rendering engine operates only within the safety of the browser "sandbox" and only shares the specific web pages that have our services enabled. No other web tabs or other applications are shared.
  • Maintain Transaction Integrity With increases in online fraud, often a strict user "chain of custody" is required - meaning there is no doubt that a specific customer placed a specific order. While Guests can follow along and guide, the Host is always in control.
  • Share HTTPS Content Since we never alter the connection between the Host and the website being browsed, HTTPS and login-protected pages can be shared (if desired) in all products. And with our patented, image-based sharing, we even work on Intranets.

Privacy is Also Paramount

When we say secure, we mean it! The Recursive Collaboration Platform meets the standards of the most stringent health care and banking industries.

  • Privacy & Redaction At any time in a session, a Host can enable on-demand privacy and black out what Guests see to get instant privacy. And with our dynamic redaction engine, any page element (such as SS# or username) can be obscured with no website changes.
  • No Connection Re-use By avoiding shared pools & dynamically generating one-time, HTTPS comm channels, the channel ID is impossible to guess. Because of these one-time channels, the risk of someone "watching" a secure sharing session is practically impossible.
  • HTTPS Protected All communication between the Host & Guests is brokered by our narrow-cast broker servers and is done over 256 bit TLS Connection (via HTTPS) to ensure not only that all data is kept private from prying eyes, but all users are protected from malicious code injection.

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