Interactive Application Video

replay interactive application video

In a recent study, 75% of respondents indicated that self-service is a convenient way to address customer service needs and 91% of them said they would use an online knowledge base if it was available and tailored to their needs. But how do you go beyond simple FAQs and leverage interactive video to create engaging effective content? How to you extend the capabilities of today’s emerging AI Bots?

With Replay interactive application video, anyone in the enterprise can create and share high resolution, interactive, and mobile-friendly video with a simple “click & surf” method. Our standard videos can be easily shared with customers through chat or passed via a bot. And Replay is not restricted to web-based sharing, through our native mobile SDK, native apps can also be used to generate interactive application videos complete with deep linking into the application itself.

Based on the same patented technology as the rest of our platform, Replay enjoys the same security, data redaction, annotation and document view features along with a no-download voice capability so anyone can share what they know and simply “talk” through the video as they surf. Any URLs visited are automatically logged and are used to make the resulting video file interactive without any post-production or software training. And the resulting file is 1/30th the size of a standard screen recording, which means it can easily be viewed regardless of the customer’s Internet connection speed.

Empower every employee to share what they know and create a comprehensive knowledge base of both repetitive and complex tasks alike.

Business Benefits

  • Enhance Social, Chat, Text & Email Channels
  • Add Interactive Video to the Knowledge Base
  • Unified Platform
  • “Click & Surf” Simplicity
  • Knowledge Base Integrations
  • Smaller File Size than Standard Screen Recording
  • Rich, Interactive Content for Chat Bots

Customer Benefits

  • No Software Downloads
  • Interactive Video Tutorials for Complex or Common Questions
  • Compatible Across Devices
  • More Effective Social, Chat, Text & Email Interactions
  • More Personal Experience than Just Text-Based Communication
  • Higher Retention Rates than Traditional Methods
  • Optional Replay Video Support Ticket to Create and Submit a Protected Video of What is Actually Happening

Replay Interactive Application Video is used to solve many of the costliest customer support challenges enterprises of all sizes face.

Contact CenterAgents are expected to handle more and more contacts across an ever growing variety of channels every day. Replay videos give them an added tool to “show” a customer how to solve their issue in an effective, engaging and pre-recorded way; so the issue is solved the first time.

Customer Self-Service: As more an more people start their customer support journeys online and prefer effective self-service, Replay increases the likelihood that self-service will solve the issue and avoid a costly live agent call.

Knowledge ManagementIn most enterprises, knowledge creation is managed by a very small number of employees and these employees rarely sit on the front lines. Replay empowers EVERY employee to contribute knowledge when and how they uncover it. This increases the breadth of knowledge capture and the depth of subject matter covered.

AI Bots: With all of the buzz going on about “Bots,” practically speaking they are currently providing little more than automated chat responses in many deployments. Complex instructions or nuanced issues are not effectively communicated via a Bot. Replay gives these bots the power to “speak” and walk a customer through a series of steps by simply delivering a link to a Replay video rather than just a text response.