Session Archiving for Compliance and Training

record for compliance and training

From establishing a brokerage account to enrolling in a health insurance plan, to completing an e-commerce transaction; many times it is necessary to have a secure record of your customer interactions for compliance and training. Voice recording and chat transcripts have been adequate in meeting this need, but now with new forms of visual engagement being used to assist customers – like Realtime Cobrowse – it is vital that these sessions can be stored, archived, and retrieved for both training and to be compliant with enterprise information security procedures and industry retention policies.

Record provides a comprehensive solution to save all session visual data along with agent, URL, mouse position and annotation meta-data to a secure location and on-demand, generate a MP4 video file that maintains protection rules for sensitive data. The combination of both a standard video file and the meta-data used to generate it enables extensive indexing and searching, whether the situation calls for the need to review one or more sessions that meet a specific set of criteria.

Contact Center Benefits

  • Realtime session review & training
  • Agent performance analysis
  • Transaction chain of custody verification
  • Required record retention

Compliance Benefits

  • On-demand session generation
  • Data redaction in Record sessions maintained
  • No ocean of videos to manage

Record is used to securely store and generate session video files for enterprises of all sizes and in solutions such as:

Assisted SellingIn industries like financial services, insurance & banking where the sales or enrollment process can be complicated, use Record to know exactly what occurred between an agent and a customer.

Customer SupportWith the vast adoption of alternative support channels and self-service tools, many times the customers that escalate to a “live” agent need their problems solved immediately. Record provides the record of action for visual engagement and can even be used as a customer self-help tool to avoid repeat calling.