Enterprise-Grade Cobrowse

In today’s omni-channel contact centers, agents are faced with increased pressure to quickly, efficiently, and correctly handle customer inquiries from a variety of realtime contact channels; voice, chat, video, etc. When faced with a complex sales or support incident, agents need a tool that helps them “see” what the customer sees to allow them to more effectively communicate without compromising security. Realtime cobrowse solves that problem with 1-click and no downloads.

Realtime is the first cobrowse and advanced customer collaboration solution built to meet enterprise needs. From a patented, no download web cobrowse with object-level security & redaction, integrated document sharing & annotation as well as compliance session recording and video / voice chat capabilities to native mobile app, device & camera sharing to desktop app sharing. All of this from a unified agent experience and integrated into the leading CRM and support platforms used everyday.

Increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce repeat caller rates!

Business Benefits

  • Enterprise Class Security
  • Unified Platform
  • Both Web & Document Cobrowse
  • Simple Installation
  • Major CRM Integrations
  • Object-Level Redaction
  • Session Recording & Playback

Customer Benefits

  • No Software Downloads
  • No Take Overs
  • Object-Level Redaction
  • Security Preview Option
  • Compatible With All Devices
  • Increased Retention and Satisfaction
  • Improved Engagement

Realtime Cobrowse is used to securely solve many of the most complicated sales and service challenges facing enterprises today.

Assisted SellingIn industries like financial services, insurance & banking where the sales or enrollment process can be complicated, use Realtime cobrowse to securely guide & educate your customers while protecting their privacy.

Customer SupportWith the vast adoption of alternative support channels and self-service tools, many times the customers that escalate to a “live” agent need their problems solved immediately. Realtime cobrowse accelerates your agents’ speed to understanding the customer issue and gives them the tools to “walk” a customer through solving the issue themselves – thereby reducing the likelihood the customer will call again for the same issue.

Field ServiceThe cost to “roll a truck” to solve a customer issue in the field is expensive and time consuming. Anything that can done to both reduce this cost (or repeat cost) and improve the customer experience is a benefit to enterprises across industries. With Realtime cobrowse field service can start before a technician even arrives by allowing the customer to use the integrated camera-share and show the contact-center agent exactly what is going on. And even after a technician arrives on-site, they can get on-demand assistance with configuration and hardware by using Realtime to communicate with both supervisors and remote technical experts to eliminate the need to “roll” another truck or schedule a follow-up service call.

IoTMore and more devices are connecting to the Internet, from cable boxes to home thermostats and lighting controls. Realtime cobrowse empowers remote contact center agents to “see” what is happening and assist a customer right then, when they need it most on any device.

AI Bot-based Support: As more and more artificial intelligence based bots are deployed to fill the gap between self-service and agent-based support, creating an escalation path from common to complex issues exists for visual support as well. Realtime cobrowse and its open APIs allows enterprises to build bot-based interactive cobrowsing for common issues while recognizing when an agent needs to be engaged and seamlessly transferring the session to an agent when appropriate.