Extenders & Connectors

Enhance and extend Visual Engagement across the Enterprise

platform architecture with extenders and connectors

Visual engagement tools like Realtime and Replay are effective components of larger sales & support infrastructures with a myriad of different devices and technologies. We recognized that fact and made sure we could both operate independently (when necessary) but also as components of these larger environments. It is for this very reason that we have Extenders for extending the functionality of our platform to meet the needs of our clients by allowing you to “extend” our capabilities to new devices in your environment and Connectors for connecting our tools inside the CRM and Support platforms our customers use every day. By making our Enterprise-Grade platform available where our customers need it and inside of the tools they already use, we make visual engagement as accessible and commonplace a channel as voice, chat, social, etc.


Sometimes you need to interact with a customer on a web site that you don’t own or control. Sites from manufacturers, government agencies or even competitors can enter the conversation during customer interactions. While you may not be able to install code on them, Reflection allows you to co-browse or even create Replays on them while still maintaining all of the requisite security features of the Recursive Labs platform.

Recursive Labs has developed a number of Extenders to overcome these limitations. With our Reflection extender, clients can now add virtually any site (or web app) on the Internet to their whitelist configuration and enable both Realtime cobrowse and Replay Interactive Application Video on those properties. All without changing any code on those other sites or losing the benefits of object level redaction for privacy. And with our Recon extender, a self contained virtual machine, Intranet sites (and web apps) can be whitelisted and now shared via both Realtime cobrowse and Replay Interactive Application Video just as if they were Internet sites.

Platform Connectors

Many enterprises already use a CRM or Support platform in there contact center operations, with Salesforce.com being the most popular of them all. Because of this, we have invested significant resources in the development of integrations to enable our applications to operate as native functions within those platforms and have created added features that leverage the unique capabilities an integration offers.

The most popular of our connected platforms are Salesforce.com, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Amazon Connect, and Genesys / InIn. If you don’t see your platform, we have others as well and are always adding new ones, so reach out to us and we’ll let you know where we’re at.

Extender Benefits

  • Enable both Realtime and Replay on any whitelisted website
  • Support IoT devices
  • Collaborate on sites you don’t control

Connector Benefits

  • Integrate Realtime cobrowse as a native activity within your CRM or Support platform
  • Automatically log Realtime session to cases, opportunities, tickets, etc immediately on session end
  • Enable Replay knowledge management submissions immediately at the end of creating a video
  • Empower customers with Replay video ticket submissions right into your CRM or Support platform