visual engagement platform

The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform is the first Enterprise Class solution built to handle everything from Web-based cobrowsing to native mobile, full desktop and even IoT screen sharing based clients.

From Assisted Selling and Live Remote Support to Customer Self-Service and AI Based Intelligent Bots – we provide the most secure and complete platform to address the needs of both customers and compliance officers.

With native integrations to, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (and many more) work in the tools you use everyday while accessing the complete visual engagement platform.


Realtime is a revolutionary, unrivaled one-click, no download web and document cobrowsing solution. Born in the most secure of environments, it can empower your customers to safely share their device experiences with your contact center agents or their “trusted advisors” in real time.


Replay is the one-click, no-download, no post-production way to create high resolution interactive application videos. Combine your voice, gestures and application experience with one-click simplicity. Use Replay for self-service, enhanced chat and bot-based support.

Devices & IoT

Enterprises are faced with supporting devices of all kinds. Today’s support teams need to go beyond web cobrowsing alone and support visual engagement on mobile devices (iOS & Android), desktop systems (Mac OS, Windows & Linux) and even IoT devices themselves. See how the Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform can support all of these use cases and more.


Record is the engine behind high resolution, meta-data driven recording of Realtime session for use in Training and Compliance applications. With enhanced search-ability, extreme compression and on-demand generation; recorded sessions are never more than a click away.


Reflection brings the power of both Realtime & Replay to any website on the Internet – still with no downloads. Assist customer with Public exchange healthcare enrollment, government forms or comparison price shopping with a single click and complete security.

Open APIs

Want to change the user experience to match your specific workflow? Or need to integrate a third-party chat system? No problem! With our Open APIs & API First development approach all functions across the platform are available with or without our user interface, its your choice.