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We know… Change is hard.


Especially when it comes to changing a company name. From trademark registrations to updating business cards, websites and email signatures, not to mention communication with customers – the list of tasks involved in the process may seem never ending. It makes you wonder why a company would ever choose to go down such a path. […]

10 Questions To Ask Before You Select a Co-Browsing Platform


Re-Humanizing online interactions with customers is a feat customer service and sales professionals have been trying to accomplish since the Internet first entered the scene in the 1990’s. The challenge hasn’t been the availability of people – many organizations have customer service and sales teams dedicated to ensuring their online and omni-channel customers have as much support as possible.

Sharing at 30,000 feet


If you’ve ever used the Wi-Fi onboard an airplane you know that it wasn’t built for speed… or consistency. And while mundane tasks like checking email or instant messaging with the office seem challenging at 30,000 ft – who would ever think of #Realtime web sharing in such conditions? We would! That’s who!