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Click With Me Now Co-founder Talks DEMO, Winning Big For St. Louis



Hot off the heels of their appearance at DEMO, St. Louis startup Click With Me Now is on its way to releasing a beta of the emerging collaborative web browsing service. Soon, with only a single click, users around the web will be able to share browsing experiences and consult one another in real time about online purchasing decisions both big and small.

The idea for Click With Me Now began nearly three years ago, when co-founders Brian Handrigan and Mark Comiso were working together on an online health insurance product for seniors. As the Handrigan and Comiso started mapping out the personas of user types for the product, they began to see an emerging trend of seniors seeking advice from their now-adult children when choosing a healthcare plan. The pair, along with co-founder Mike Behr, realized there was potential in answering the question of how to connect these people without making the process even more complicated…

Writer: Corey Cummings

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