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We know… Change is hard.


Especially when it comes to changing a company name. From trademark registrations to updating business cards, websites and email signatures, not to mention communication with customers – the list of tasks involved in the process may seem never ending. It makes you wonder why a company would ever choose to go down such a path.

Of course, many have (and for good reason) – including industry giants such as Google, Xerox, Accenture and Panasonic. And now, Click With Me Now.

It turns out the reason why actually has almost everything to do with “starting with your why,” or as Simon Sinek puts it identifying “the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do.”

Just a short time ago, Click With Me Now started out as a web-based, SaaS co-browsing application for everyday Internet users to instantly share their current web session with the friends, family members or advisors they trust – and our name couldn’t have done a better job of highlighting this.

However, it was not long before we began to see a plethora of applications for this disruptive real-time web sharing technology – from enhancing social content generation to time shifted messaging for customer support to improved internal communications at the corporate level and beyond.

And that’s when it hit us. It was time. Time to focus on our “Why” and change our identity to reflect not what our technology could do, but why it existed in the first place – to re-humanize the online channel. It was time to launch Recursive Labs, including a new Collaboration Platform of products including Realtime, Replay Social, Replay Support and Replay Enterprise.

Of course while our name has changed, the simplicity and security that was at the foundation of our technology has not. If you haven’t seen our new Recursive Collaboration Platform recently, it’s time schedule a demo today.

Let’s Change Together

Schedule a demo and learn for yourself how we can help your organization change for the better.

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